Freelance frontend developer React

  • Product development
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Freelance frontend developer React

Job description


It's an exciting time for us at VIKTOR. After launching our platform in 2017 we are rapidly growing our user base, our team and our developer community. We are hyper-focused to make VIKTOR the low-code development platform for developers, engineers and scientists wanting to automate the boring work and enable them to build awesome products.

What are you going to do

You will be responsible for the continuous development of the VIKTOR website, which involves creating new pages and content blocks, expanding the integration with our CMS and kickstarting new projects together with our marketing and platform team. You are available full-time in the beginning and flexible afterwards.


    • Next.js and React
    • TypeScript
    • Styled components
    • Integration with CMS API's (Strapi, Contentful, etc.)
    • SEO best practices and asset optimization
    • Git